Pina Colada Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans

  • $89.99

Pina colada jelly beans are a tropical feast in a bite sized treat! If you love sunny beaches, cold beverages and sugary confections, you'll absolutely love these bright yellow jelly beans! Jelly Belly knows how to get the most flavor into a tiny bean shaped candy.That's why the company is celebrated as one of the most popular in the candy market. If you love Pina colada flavor, then you simply must try these charming beans! Our Jelly Belly Pina colada jelly beans feature a great taste in a bright yellow candy. Each piece is brilliant, like the gorgeous sun's rays on a beautiful summer day!Pour them into a bowl to brighten a table or your desk at work. They are also wonderful for cake decorating. Sprinkle them on ice cream, cupcakes or cookies for a custom creation that's irresistible! Our bulk Jelly Belly Pina colada jelly beans will make everyone want to take a trip to the nearest tropical beach!

SKU: ND-G52992

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