Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans

Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans
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Strawberry daiquiri jelly beans offer succulent fruit flavor in a little candy bean. This delicious confection is a great choice for events, parties and much more! Jelly Belly is celebrated as one of the most famous jelly bean brands in the world.They have been producing delectable jelly beans since the 1890s. Today, the company's list of products features 50 original jelly bean flavors including our irresistible strawberry daiquiri jelly beans! Each bean includes a smooth surface, beautiful shine and pleasant reddish hue. Dark speckles cover the surface, adding even more visual appeal to this tasty snack.Order bulk strawberry daiquiri jelly beans for events or snacking at home. The red color is ideal for weddings, showers and birthday parties as well as themed events and community activities. Share them with guests or use them to fill treat bags, Easter baskets and gifts. No one can resist the charms of our strawberry daiquiri flavored jelly beans!

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