Sunkist Orange Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans

  • $89.99

Ah, the refreshing flavor of juicy orange in a chewy, sweet jelly bean! These Sunkist Orange Jelly Belly jelly beans will remind you of biting into a fresh, juicy Florida orange with their intense citrus flavor. The jelly beans are coated with a shiny, vibrant orange color that will add an explosion of color to any event.Jelly beans aren't just limited to Easter anymore, and you can enjoy these delectable candies any time of the year. Suitable for birthdays, holidays, weddings, showers, and numerous other special events, these Sunkist Orange Jelly Belly jelly beans will look beautiful with your decor when you feature them in pretty candy dishes at each table. But why limit these to just special occasions? Every day is special when you treat someone to their sweet flavor! Fill a small container and put these in lunchboxes for a sweet little surprise, or load your candy dish at the office with these jelly beans and you'll soon find your coworkers will be so grateful they may nominate you as employee of the month!

SKU: ND-17315

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