Very Cherry Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans

  • $89.99

Bite into one of these Jelly Belly Very Cherry Jelly Beans and you'll feel like you are biting right into a juicy cherry fruit. These unbelievably bold fruity candies are a bright, vivid red color that will add a pop of excitement to any event you are holding.They have an addicting chewiness to them and will be a favorite with anyone who loves the taste of cherries. Serve these vibrant candies on holidays like Valentine's Day or at events with a color theme that includes bright red. If you are having a party with a candy buffet, include a bowl of these amazing cherry jelly beans alongside a few other fruity jelly bean flavors and other sugary snacks for a complete candy experience. Kids will also find these Jelly Belly Very Cherry Jelly Beans sensational when you include them in Easter celebrations, placing them in Easter baskets or filling plastic Easter eggs with them and sending the children on a fun Easter egg hunt with these as the ultimate reward.

SKU: ND-G52872

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