Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds - 6oz Bags 12ct

Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds - 6oz Bags 12ct
  • $90.99

Loving almonds is one thing, loving Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds is another. These colorful almonds appeal not only to almond-lovers but most especially to those who love food in color.The eight-ounce tie-top bag of the Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds contains sweet shell-coated crunchy candies in six colors. Pink, yellow, green, purple, blue and white are the colors of these beautiful Jordan almonds.These candies are great for everyday munching needs as they are deliciously fitted for the purpose. A combination of the six colors gives it an alluring look which attracts both the young and the not-so-young.This assortment is also great for wedding buffets, children's parties and outings. Everyone loves this treat because of its almond content and the vibrancy of the colors outside. If almonds are your thing, Jordan almonds must be ever-present in your tables at home or at work.Indulge in a bag of these treats and you will find that there is more to almonds than just being nuts.

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