Jelly Belly Licorice Bridge Mix - 12ct

Jelly Belly Licorice Bridge Mix - 12ct
  • $35.99

It's true- the Jelly Belly Licorice Bridge Mix is a high quality mix of special licorice-flavored candies made just for you. If licorice candies are your thing, then these ones are, too.Three ounces of these deliciously sweet candies in different shapes and colors are packed in hanging bags. They are child-friendly as they are made from natural sweeteners. You can let your child eat a whole lot of these wonders without having to worry about its sugar content.They are also great gifts and rewards from parents to their children for being well-behaved in occasions that require them to stay put in one corner.They are not just great for parties but also for ordinary occasions such as watching television with family and friends, going to the cinema or the malls, having sleepover at your friend's house, or even just riding in your cars or having ordinary conversations with your neighbors. But with the sweetness these candies bring, your daily ventures are made extraordinary.

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