Key Lime Pie Hard Candy - 5lb

Key Lime Pie Hard Candy - 5lb
  • $37.99

The" fruits of our labor" in this case, just so happen to be an amazing Key Lime Pie Hard Candy! Bright green and white, these tart, citrusy hard candies will make you feel like you're in the Florida Keys every time you bite into one. Have a slice, or a piece whenever your mouth is in need of a sweet and sour fix that will turn a frown upside-down.Bring some to a St. Patrick's Day party to add a tart green element to the mix. Even keep some around for Easter or springtime events that call for a healthy dose of tart, tangy flavor. Every time you pop one of these amazing Key Lime Pie Hard Candies into your mouth, we're sure you'll be able to close your eyes and feel like you have just taken a bite out of an award winning pie.

SKU: ND-27896

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