Strawberry Kits Chews - 20lb

Strawberry Kits Chews - 20lb
  • $114.99

The best candies are the ones that have the ability to make you smile. Bite into one of these Strawberry Kits Chews, and you will be grinning ear-to-ear.If you close your eyes, and enjoy the bold strawberry flavor, you will feel like you are in a strawberry field, picking them by the bushel in the hot summer sun. This is the type of candy you want to eat in the middle of winter for a little pick-me-up.These old-fashioned taffy chews have been made in America since 1924. Each one of these individually wrapped Strawberry Kits Chews actually has three pieces inside, making them the perfect snack size. Hand these out at Halloween, and include them in grab bags at birthday parties.If you are a teacher, they make perfect treats for students with the right answers or high test scores. Pack them in lunch boxes for a special treat, and keep a pack on you for when you get a craving for something sweet.

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