Lemon Drops - Unwrapped 10lb

Lemon Drops - Unwrapped 10lb
  • $46.99

Sunshine. Warm Days. Vacation. You'll have all the relaxing thoughts of summer drift into your head every time you pop one of these summery Lemon Drops into your mouth! With a sugary coating of tart delicious flavor, you can suck on these little Lemon Drops until the tartness gives way to a sweet, lemony inside.If you're having a lemonade stand with your kids, these are a perfect differentiator to add to you countertop to attract more thirsty customers. You can even drop a few into your drinks to add another element of lemony, sour flavor. These classic lemon candies also make a great addition to an old fashioned candy buffet bar, set out in a candy dish on your coffee table, or crushed up and added to the top of lemon bars! Use your imagination when it comes to deciding how to enjoy these sour treats!

SKU: ND-290

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