Lemon Heads - 40lbs

Lemon Heads - 40lbs
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One of the most iconic candies of all time, Lemon Heads truly is in a class of their own. If you have ever bit into a juicy piece of ripe lemon, you know this fruit has a flavor you can recognize with your eyes closed.This exact flavor of this citrus fruit is duplicated in these Lemon Heads. This round, hard-shelled candies have a soft interior that is the perfect blend of sour and sweet. They are hard, so you can suck on them for a few minutes to savor the taste, but they are also soft enough to bite into and chew for a bold flavor explosion.Ferrara Pan Candy Company first formulated these unique treats in 1962. Approximately 500 million of these tiny balls of yummy goodness are produced and distributed around the world every year. They are one of the most popular candies for baby showers and springtime weddings.They are also perfect to include in Easter baskets or to add a little sunshine to a plain cupcake. They are only 5 calories a piece and completely fat-free.

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