Lemon Napoleon Bon Bons - 7lb

Lemon Napoleon Bon Bons - 7lb
  • $75.99

All hail the emperor of the candy world”Lemon Napoleon Bon Bons! This lemony leader had conquered every taste bud near and far and bravely rules the realm of candy lovers. Let your mouth do battle with these small lemon candies that are full of a commanding tart flavor that will make you want to bow down to them with respect for their deliciousness.Individually wrapped, these citrusy, lemon bon bons are an ideal candy selection for almost any formal or casual affair. Bring some of these into your home and your friends will salute you every time you share this tasty treat. Add some to a picnic table during a backyard party for guests to munch on while they hang out. Even let these candies dominate your candy bowls and prove their yummy power snack after snack. In this seven pound bulk order, you'll discover over 60 pieces of amazing lemon candy per pound! We hope you're ready for a taste bud takeover when you bring some of these home today!

SKU: ND-ST5604

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