Yellow Lemon Jelly Beans in Bulk - 2lb

Yellow Lemon Jelly Beans in Bulk - 2lb
  • $13.99

Sweet is nice, but what do you do if you want something citrusy? Our yellow jelly beans are a great choice for anyone who enjoys the tartness of lemon with the sweetness of candy. These tiny morsels are extremely satisfying.Each consists of a round piece of chewy confection that's full of lemony taste. The exterior is smoothed to produce that delightfully polished look that makes jelly beans so enticing!Bulk yellow jelly beans are a must-have for holidays, parties and events.You'll have plenty to go around when you order a package for Easter or use them to brighten the tables at a spring or summer party. Whether it's someone's birthday, a reunion or just a causal get together, your guests will love the big lemon flavor packed into each dainty little jelly bean!Enjoy alone or combine with any of our other single-flavor bulk jelly bean packages to craft your very own custom candy mix!

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