Lemonheads Candy - Wrapped 13.5lb Bulk

Lemonheads Candy - Wrapped 13.5lb Bulk
  • $69.99

What do you give an injured lemon? "Lemon-aid!" Fortunately, there's nothing wrong with these amazing Lemonhead candies. We just can't resist a great lemon joke. These tangy, bright yellow Lemonheads are a crowd pleaser near and far. It might be because of their beautiful sunshiny color.Or it could be the sweet chewy center that follows its sour burst of flavor. We just know that people can't get enough of them and you should see for yourself why they're so popular. Bring these to a summertime backyard BBQ for a delicious and refreshing treat, add these to a lemonade stand to drop into cups and make them even tangier, or just keep them around the house to enjoy whenever you wish. This five pound bag is stuffed with a plethora of fruity, sour treats for your entire family and close friends to enjoy, pucker after pucker!

SKU: ND-22053

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