Licorice Mint Caramels - 4.4lb

  • $43.99

These Licorice Mint Caramels might sound unusual, but you have to give them a try! You'll be surprised by the flavor that results by mixing this unique combination into one incredible candy.These candies start with caramel and add a swirl of licorice with just the slightest taste of mint. The flavors fuse to create a new super flavor you really will love, although you might have to try it to believe it. So go ahead and try it!Once you've discovered the wonder of these one-of-a-kind candies, it's time to introduce them to all your friends and family members! The swirl of flavor adds an intriguing look to each candy, making them perfect to put on display for guests. Stock up so you can bring them to casual get-togethers and make a game out of everyone giving them a try. These candies are individually-wrapped, so you can easily give them away as party favors at your next event, whether it's a birthday party, a backyard barbeque or something fancier.

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