Peanut M&M's - 48ct

  • $96.99

Peanut M&Ms are a tasty treat with a savory center. Everyone loves the classic chocolaty taste of regular M&Ms, but sometimes you want something a little heartier.Our peanut M&Ms offer the same great taste with even more to love! Each morsel includes a piece of delicious peanut surrounded by a layer of chocolate. The outside is covered in the smooth candy shell and white M stamp that makes M&Ms so fun to eat!Our bulk peanut M&M candies are a great choice for holidays, parties and events. You get many individual bags so each serving stays fresh and ready to share.Give them out during community events or let students know they did a good job with a tasty reward. Peanut M&Ms also make great after school or work snacks. Become the popular house on the block during autumn by giving trick or treaters a bag of delicious peanut M&Ms!

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