Mango Taffy - 3lb Bulk

Mango Taffy - 3lb Bulk
  • $10.99

Mango taffy brings classic candy and tropical flavor together into one chewy treat! Each bite of this super soft snack is full of exotic mango taste. Our taffy is made with high quality ingredients and comes individually wrapped so it stays fresh for longer.The clear paper used allows the beautiful patterns to show through so your mango taffy looks stunning when displayed in a glass jar or bowl. Each piece of mango taffy includes a golden center with a gentle red exterior, much like the meat and skin of a real fresh mango!Enjoy alone or order with any of our other taffy flavors to create a custom candy mix that's made to your specifications. Two or three flavors can also be used to match event themes or colors. Use our mango taffy as an elegant treat at showers or place a few inside wedding favors or treat bags.

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