Mike & Ike - Original 4.5lb Bulk

  • $25.99

Mike and Ike”a perfect match made in rhyming and candy heaven! These gummy candies have been around for years and their chewy, fruity flavors have made them a best friend of candy lovers around the world. In orange, yellow, green, and red, these fruit chews have a delicious hard candy shell and gummy interior you'll love munching on.With this 4.5 pound bulk bag, you can enjoy a ton of different ways to snack with these loveable gummies. Wrap some up in little bags and add them to a piñata for an unexpected sweet surprise. Put them in a candy dish and set them around your house for your lucky friends and family members to find and snack on. Even sprinkle some in an Easter basket or gift basket for a delicious and old fashioned treat every candy lover will enjoy. Get yours today and make your taste buds smile!

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