Mini Unicorn Pops - 48ct

Mini Unicorn Pops - 48ct
  • $49.99

Mini Unicorn Pops are individually wrapped and gorgeous to look at. Tutti frutti flavor and a rainbow swirl of colors make these delightful lollipops for all occasions.

Kids and adults alike cannot resist these magically delicious Mini Unicorn Pops. A rainbow of colors swirl madly to create a lollipop that resembles an unicorn, more commonly known as a unicorn's horn.This horn was long believed to hold great power and healing antidotes. Even if you are not really into folklore, you can't help but be drawn to the beauty and mystery of these legendary creatures.

Everyone wants to believe in an animal that symbolizes purity and grace, which could be why these Mini Unicorn Pops are a hit at any event. These certified kosher Mini Unicorn Pops are 6 inches long, and just as pretty as can be.Make a candy bouquet out of them for a centerpiece, or hand them out at a magic-themed birthday party for kids. If you have a retail location, this 48-count display box is sure to be an instant hit.

SKU: ND-AB76230

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