Mint Julep - 15lb

Mint Julep - 15lb
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What distinguishes the Necco Mint Julep Taffy chews from the rest is its old-fashioned mint flavor. Its unmistakable Spearmint flavor sets these chewy candies apart from the rest of the candies in the market.These candies are a good alternative to breath mints and chewing gums. They are on-the-go and you can take them anywhere because they are conveniently and individually-wrapped. Its soft and chewy texture plus its minty taste makes the candy more appealing to teenagers and young adults.These candies come in a bag of fifteen pounds. They are good candy displays in offices to thank "clients" that come to support their business. These chewy squares will remind you of the old times that you so longed to remember.The unique flavor of these chewy mints is derived from the southern mint julep beverage native to Southern states like Kentucky and South Carolina. With minty chews as fresh and delicious as this, it's no wonder they got so famous.

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