Munch Nut Bars - 36ct

Munch Nut Bars - 36ct
  • $71.99

Munch Bars are made for just that: munching! With a ton of delicious peanuts packed into every bar, these incredible candy bars are full of savory nutty flavor and energy that peanuts provide.If you're nutty about nut candy bars, then these Munch Bars are the treat for you! They all come individually wrapped, so they're great for snacking on one at a time, unwrapping in bulk and breaking up to add to dessert batters, or wrapping up in gift baskets to give away to friends and family. Make your next family get together amazing by offering guests a couple of these Munch Bars as they walk out the door. Even take some on a hiking trip to fuel up for when you need to go the extra mile.

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