Necco Taffy - Banana Split 15lb Bag

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There's candy, then there's Banana Split Necco Taffy chewy candy. If you want to go back to that wonderful summer day in the past that you feel so nostalgic about, then this candy is the perfect candy for you.These soft chewy candies are a combination of ice cream and banana split flavors with rich hot fudge, pineapple and strawberry toppings. They come in bright yellow wrappings and are packed in fifteen pound bags. They are square in shape and are deliciously chewy it's just like you are eating banana split minus the ice cream.They are best for beach outings, outdoor parties and other special events at home or outside. Its chewiness delights kids and the grown-ups. Ice cream-loving people will surely love these chewy banana split candies. They will bring back fond and cheerful memories from way back when. It's a great candy that is not only creamy but also dreamy.

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