Nerds Minis Boxes - 18.75lb

Nerds Minis Boxes - 18.75lb
  • $140.99

Was there anything more fun as a kid than breaking open a box of sweet and tart Nerds candies and pouring the whole box in your mouth at once to savor the tiny candy's intense flavors and crunch? These mini boxes of Nerds will provide kids with the same level of enjoyment when given out as Halloween treats, birthday candy, or just an everyday indulgence they can get a special kick out of.Pack a box in their lunches for a silly dessert, or keep boxes on hand for special occasions like birthday parties and holidays. These tiny Nerds candies with the big burst of flavor can even be a creative, yummy way to top ice cream sundaes or add as a sweet topping to a fruity milkshake. Whatever your intention may be, you'll find that these boxes go fast once the secret is out and your friends and family know about them!

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