Cherry Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $19.99

Classic candy lovers must try Gilliam old fashioned sticks! This version offers juicy cherry flavor with the sweetness of traditional hard candy.Gilliam Candy Company knows what it takes to make the best tasting treats around. Since 1927, the company has been producing candy sticks that have enticed kids and adults for generations. While the diversified their candy offerings in later decades, Gilliam always carried their famous old fashioned candy sticks!Our cherry candy sticks offer that same great taste and nostalgic packaging. Each is wrapped in clear plastic with the Gilliam logo emblazoned on one side. This version features a brilliant red hue that looks beautiful in any setting, from picnics to indoor parties and holiday dinners.Use them to fill jars or vases or add a couple to treat bags to hand out after the festivities. Gilliam hard candy sticks are also a great choice for cake decorating and gingerbread house making!

SKU: ND-2907-MID-003758

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