Horehound Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $16.99

Horehound candy sticks offer a unique flavor that is unlike any other Gilliam product! Give your tongue something new to taste with this one-of-a-kind candy.If you love confections but are tired of super sweet, fruity or chocolaty candies, then Horehound old fashioned candy sticks might be your new favorite snack. Each stick includes the familiar Gilliam stick candy logo with a clear wrapper. The individually packaged hard candy sticks come in deep brown, a color reminiscent of the rich taste produced by each piece!Horehound candy is considered more bitter than sweet, much like a blend of licorice, root beer and mint. Anyone who loves Horehound treats will agree it is one of the most unique and novel flavors available.Experiment with something new in your candy jar or enjoy a classic candy you know you love made by Gilliam! Our old fashioned candy sticks are a great choice for parties, events and holidays!

SKU: 1022206-MID-000564

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