Orange Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $19.99

These delicious Old-Fashioned Orange Sticks will bring to mind the corner dollar store and their counter tops filled with glass jars of these sweet and fruity hard candies. The bold orange color and juicy citrus flavor of these crunchy sticks makes for a sensational display when added to the decor at a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, or many other special events.Put a few glass jars of these orange sticks on the table at your next Halloween party for the perfect color-themed snack, or throw them in Easter baskets for a pretty, tasty springtime treat. These old-fashioned orange sticks are also an ideal choice when planning sporting events or school activities where the teams or schools feature orange as one of their main colors. You'll show some definite spirit with this tasty addition to the festivities. Their refreshing long-lasting orange flavor will keep everybody coming back for more.

SKU: ND-2913-MID-003767

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