Passion Fruit Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $23.99

The brilliant, deep reddish-purple color of these Passion Fruit Old Fashioned Sticks will draw you in, but once you peel away the wrapper and actually taste this hard candy it is the flavor you will be hooked on.These tropical, Brazil-native fruits are not easy to find in stores. Most people who have tasted one did so while vacationing somewhere. That makes these candies an extra-special treat. Stand a bunch of Passion Fruit Old Fashioned Sticks in a clear vase for a centerpiece.Since they are all individually wrapped, you can hand them out at Halloween and include them in gift bags. Their color makes them the perfect complement to a candy buffet around Christmas. You can also hand them out to family, friends, and coworkers for Valentine's Day, too, and don't forget about Independence Day.

SKU: ND-2915-MID-003771

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