Peaches & Cream Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

Peaches & Cream Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct
  • $15.99

Kids as well as many grownups love candy sticks, and these individually wrapped peaches and cream treats are no exception. Brightly wrapped and begging to be opened for that first delightful lick, these sweet treats will delight young and old with their yummy peaches and cream taste. Their long length promises long-lasting flavor and enjoyment, and they can even be stashed conveniently in a purse or backpack for a special treat when you need a break during the day or evening. Stash one or two in your child's lunchbox for a special surprise at lunchtime.For special occasions, bundle these sticks together, tie them with a festive ribbon to suit the occasion, and they can be used as favors at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Fill tall, clear vases with these colorful hard candy sticks at your next party, tie the vase with a beautiful ribbon, and you have delightful centerpieces, while giving your guests a sweet treat to enjoy as an alternative to a heavy dessert.

SKU: ND-42905-MID-001446

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