Root Beer Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $23.99

Bring back memories of the ˜good old days' with these scrumptious old fashioned root beer sticks. Anyone who loves the flavor of root beer and the crunchiness of hard candy sticks will appreciate these yummy candies.The long-lasting treats are a perfect item for candy buffets, birthday party treats or favors, baby showers, wedding receptions, as well as many other special event venues. Each root beer candy stick is 5 ¼ long and holds its delicious root beer flavor throughout, from top to bottom. Ice cream parlors can use these delectable sticks as a stirrer when serving root beer floats, and candy stores can offer these treats alongside other flavors of hard candy sticks for a lovely counter display and a tempting hard candy variety. Whatever your candy needs may be, these root beer sticks won't disappoint.

SKU: ND-2919-MID-003775

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