Strawberry Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $28.99

Dig into one of these Strawberry Old-Fashioned Sticks and your taste buds will think it's the real thing, with it's delicious fruity flavor. These hard candy sticks feature an attractive bright red and green striped pattern that's swirled around the stick like a candy cane for a beautiful effect.A refreshing snack on a hot summer day, these tasty treats are ideal for any occasion but especially fun to have on hand for summer events such as picnics, pool parties, or summer birthdays, showers, and wedding receptions. Serve these delightful Strawberry Old-Fashioned Sticks as sweet, edible stirrers for a fruit punch or sweet cocktail at any special occasion. Guests will love the fun presentation and tasty addition to their beverage. Or place on of these hard candy sticks in a bowl of ice cream to add a special touch to a yummy dessert. However you serve these long-lasting strawberry-flavored sticks, they are bound to brighten everyone's day.

NOTICE: Candy sticks are extremely fragile. Since we have little control over shipment once it leaves our warehouse, we will not guarantee that this product will arrive completely unbroken. During the course of shipment, some or a lot of sticks can break. We package them as well as possible to minimize shock and breakage, however, our policy is that we will not be held responible for broken candy, no matter how many end up broken. before you place your order, please take this into consideration.

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