Tangerine Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $16.99

Tangerine hard candy sticks will make any day a little brighter! Gilliam Candy Company was founded in 1927 in Kentucky. The brand's popularity quickly grew as more people tried their famous hard candy sticks!More confections were added to the company's catalog later, but customers still flock to the old fashioned candy sticks. It's easy to understand why when you taste the citrus flavor packed into each tangerine tube! Old fashioned candy sticks consists of a solid length of hard candy. The ends are cut flat.Our tangerine version includes a deep orange hue that's complemented by a slender ribbon of white that wraps from end to end, much like the stripes on a candy cane! Gilliam old fashioned candy sticks always conjure images of mom and pop candy shops and childhood memories. Order our bulk tangerine candy sticks so you have plenty to share with friends, family or whoever you meet!

SKU: 1022214-MID-000568

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