Watermelon Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $19.99

These particular candies don't have anything to hide. That's because these Old Fashioned Watermelon Candy Sticks are the color of their namesake watermelon! With green and red swirls, you'll think you just cut a fresh watermelon off the vine every time you look at them.And with their bright watermelon flavor, you'll have a taste of the summertime every time you snack. If you have a backyard BBQ coming up, stock yourself up on some of these to set out on the picnic table, to stir into lemonades and other cold drinks and to pass out to all the little ones to enjoy while they hang out and play. The options are endless with this crowd pleasing favorite.

SKU: ND-2629-MID-003387

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