Orange Jelly Beans in Bulk - 2lb

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If orange is your favorite candy flavor then you will probably agree that the world just doesn’t have enough orange-flavored candy!Why should cherry and grape get all the attention? Everyone knows that orange is one of the sweetest and most refreshing flavors ever. If you crave this sun-drenched tree fruit as much as we do, then you are sure to love these Orange Jelly Beans.They taste just like you plucked a ripe, juicy orange from the tree, only you didn't have to put forth the effort to peel it and get your hands all sticky. Not only are these Orange Jelly Beans bursting with fruity flavor; they are a pretty exciting color, too. The bright orange shade captures a lot of attention on a candy bar.They are perfect for candy dishes at your Halloween party or to add to Easter baskets. The cheerful color of these Orange Jelly Beans will dress up some boring cupcakes, and you will be amazed at how exciting a bowl of vanilla ice-cream becomes when you sprinkle these on top.

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