Orbit Gum - Peppermint 12ct

Orbit Gum - Peppermint 12ct
  • $28.99

Fresh breath is an important thing. That's why we have Peppermint Orbit Gum to keep your mouth saying aaah. In individual, blue packages, this refreshing and minty gum will keep you chewing, blowing bubbles, and breathing out ice, cold fresh breath for a long time to come.Ordering a bulk supply of Peppermint Orbit Gum is a sure way to make sure you always have something minty to reach for after a particularly pungent meal. No matter what you ate before, this Peppermint Orbit Gum will erase the flavor and leave you with a fresh taste in your mouth that you'll feel confident about. Enjoy the freshness when you order Peppermint Orbit Gum today.

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