Orbit Gum Spearmint - 12ct

Orbit Gum Spearmint - 12ct
  • $30.99

Spearmint Orbit Gum has more of a minty bite than softer peppermint flavors. Blow one bubble or chomp one chew and you'll get a huge burst of minty freshness that will erase the taste of previous meals. In their bright green packages, this Spearmint Orbit Gum will also awaken your eyes the moment you pull it out of your pocket or purse to take a bite.Keep your mouth fresh for weeks to come when you order this Spearmint Orbit Gum bulk supply. There will be enough to stuff into office desk drawers, fill purses, tuck into pantries, and give away to friends and family members if they need something chewy and fresh. Order some Spearmint Orbit Gum today and you can have something reliably minty when you need it most for a long time to come.

SKU: ND-12017

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