Orbit Gum - Wintermint 12ct

Orbit Gum - Wintermint 12ct
  • $30.99

Wintermint Orbit Gum is a sugar free and delicious minty option for when you need a burst of freshness for your mouth. In an ice blue package, this Wintermint Orbit Gum looks as refreshing as it tastes.Unwrap package after package of this minty and cooling Wintermint Orbit Gum when you order a bulk supply. If you have a gum chewing habit, then this huge order will keep you munching for weeks to come. Plus, you'll be able to share with those who need a refreshing flavor after meals or on long car rides. Give your mouth a minty treat time and time again with this Wintermint Orbit Gum bulk order.

SKU: ND-6598

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