Perugina Glacia Mints Candy - 6.6lb

Perugina Glacia Mints Candy - 6.6lb
  • $79.99

Offer your guests a bold refreshing minty treat with these Perugina Glacia Mints candies. Individually wrapped in pretty silver foil with blue and green accents, these attractive mints look charming as part of a candy centerpiece or when packaged in pretty gift boxes or bags.Perugina Glacia Mints are a great winter treat around the holidays, making the perfect after-dinner mint when you are hosting a dinner party for the holidays or New Year's. Guests will pop one of these into their mouths and experience a cool minty blast of flavor that works as a great breath freshener after a spicy meal. Give them out at formal events like wedding receptions or company dinners as a light, sweet snack or offer boxes of these tasty mint candies as classy holiday gifts for your well-deserving employees. They are sure to become a favorite with all your friends.

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