Strawberry Jelly Beans Pink - 2lb

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Why was the strawberry late to the party? Because it was stuck in a traffic "jam!" We slay ourselves with jokes like that. But we can't help feeling jolly and full of jokes when we eat these amazing Strawberry Jelly Beans. With their bright pink coloring, crunchy hard candy shell, and soft, ooey-gooey gummy inside, it's no wonder why we love them so much.If you love the color pink and the flavor of fresh strawberries, grab some of these today! They're an amazing addition to an Easter basket, look lovely set out on the table at a baby or bridal shower, and even can be a cute treat to add to your wedding candy. Jelly beans have been around for decades and their chewy, fruity flavors know how to satisfy taste buds. Get your five pound bulk bag of these today and you'll be able to snack on hundreds of these mini morsels and make your friends and family smile.

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