Strawberry & Watermelon Pop Rocks Fun Size - 500ct

Strawberry & Watermelon Pop Rocks Fun Size - 500ct
  • $114.99

Are you ready for a taste bud explosion? Because these Strawberry and Watermelon Pop Rocks are dynamite for your mouth! Packed with bubbles of CO2, as soon as they rocks hit your tongue, they begin a rapid fire succession of tiny explosions that will make your tongue tingle and mouth smile. Detonate them all in unison, put a few in your mouth at a time, or even go wild and combine both flavors for a mind boggling explosion of taste and sensation!These exciting candies are a great addition to a birthday candy buffet bar, used as an experiment to see how they react with soda, or even just as a party favor for your culinary dare devil friends. Each order comes with 500 packets of these dynamite rocks and will add countless pebbles of fun to your snack time repertoire. See if you're ready to begin the countdown to taste bud explosion!

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