Squiggly Pops Purple & White Lollipops - 48ct

Squiggly Pops Purple & White Lollipops - 48ct
  • $15.99

Bring the spirit of a summer festival or amusement park to your next fun-filled occasion with these super silly Squiggly Pops Purple and White Lollipops. Beautifully designed with white and purple swirls, these large lollipops taste delicious and feature such a fun, inviting look.Serve these one of a kind lollipops as party favors at your child's birthday party to wow all their friends, or if you have a purple and white color themed event such as a wedding, sporting, or school event, these Squiggly Pops will add an exciting twist to your decor and make a permanent impression on your guests. Place one at each table setting to treat your loved ones to a delicious candy favor, or place them in a pretty basket with a thank you note tied to each one and have your guests take one before they leave the party, as a token of your appreciation for their participation in your big day.

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