Reception Sticks Double-Dip Mint Chocolate - 56ct

Reception Sticks Double-Dip Mint Chocolate - 56ct
  • $23.92

Individually-wrapped Reception Sticks Double-Dip Mint Chocolate are chocolate-covered sticks that live up to its name.They are famous for their use in wedding receptions, engagement parties, birthday parties, bridal showers and other social gatherings. They are elegant, classy and fashionable. These reception sticks are known for its ability to boost the romance in the atmosphere of the party.The chocolate coating outside the sticks is luscious and velvety that it complements the delicious mint inside. Everyone wants to relate chocolates with the affairs pertaining to love but no one really knows why. The only explainable thing is that chocolates are inherently romantically delicious.These sticks are also perfect for house warming parties and other family gatherings where few of your closest friends are attending. You will likely be surrounded by guests who are meticulous enough to scrutinize what type of food you prepare for them. The elegance of these reception sticks makes it worth showing off.

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