Red Licorice Taffy - 3lb Bulk

Red Licorice Taffy - 3lb Bulk
  • $23.99

While black licorice's flavor comes from the root of a plant, red licorice is as mythical as a unicorn. But we bring it to life in this delicious Red Licorice Taffy!These candies come with the sweet and fruity taste you love about red licorice candy in the chewy consistency of a taffy. Each one features an appealing red and white swirl, which you can see through the clear wrapper of these individually-packaged bites. Their look will draw in your guests and the flavor will have them coming back for more. Since red licorice candies are always popular, these treats will be a hit at your next party. Serve them in a bowl or add them to favor bags to give away at the end of the night.These candies will add decoration to an event just as much as they provide a sweet treat, so feel free to sprinkle them around tables or add them to candy jars to show them off and enhance your festive atmosphere.

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