Cotton Candy Rock Candy Strings - 5lb

  • $48.99

Bring the scrumptious taste of carnival cotton candy to your next party or event when you serve these wonderful Cotton Candy Rock Candy Strings. They feature a clear crystal appearance with a tinge of blue to make for an attractive decoration or dessert item, and their sweetness combined with the satisfying crunchy texture is always a crowd pleaser.Kids will love receiving these treats at birthday parties and eating the rock candy right off the string or turning them into edible bracelets and necklaces. Their beautiful sparkle will add a mystical look to banquet tables when you include these jewels as an edible centerpiece or put one at every place setting to really make the decor glisten. These magical-looking cotton candy rock candy strings will brighten everyone's day no matter what the occasion, making them the perfect choice for your next event or to just have on hand when you want to cheer up a friend or loved one with a special treat.

SKU: ND-6906

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