Lime Rock Candy Strings - 5lb

  • $58.99

Lime rock candy strings are a colorful way to enjoy pure sugar. Rock candy has been a staple treat for children and adults for generations. There's something exciting about the stunning shine and uniquely natural shape created by many sugar crystals coming together.It's almost like eating real gem stones, but with much better flavor! This version offers a sweet lime taste with the classic rock candy texture everyone loves. Our bulk rock candy strings are the best way to get large quantities in the colors you need for parties, events and much more.Give them out to students as prizes at school activities or use them to fill treat bags at birthday parties. Rock candy is also a great addition to community and holiday events. Use green rock candy strings alone or combine with any of our other single-flavor packs to build a custom color scheme for your special occasion!

SKU: ND-DP1212

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