Orange Rock Candy Strings - 5lb

Orange rock candy strings are brightly colored and feature an irresistible taste that both kids and adults love! Rock candy is made of many sugar crystals that are formed around a simple string. This makes them slightly bendable and easy to enjoy!This version features a delicious orange flavor with a matching color that accentuates the facet of each sugary crystal. Bulk rock candy is a great treat to give out during special occasions. Use them as a unique decoration for cakes, gingerbread houses and other edible decor.You can also add them to treat bags, wedding favors or shower favors. The amazing sparkle adds elegance to this one-of-a-kind candy, making it a versatile choice for any event.Combine with our other rock candy varieties to create a custom color combination specifically for your celebration. Businesses, schools and organizations can give them out at community events to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

SKU: C100903

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