Strawberry Rock Candy Strings - 5lb

  • $48.99

Rock candy is one of the purest ways to enjoy sweet, sweet sugar! Our strawberry rock candy strings are delicious, beautiful to look at and very easy to display and share. Each piece includes a simple string that supports a gathering of glistening sugar crystals.This version comes in bold red and offers a juicy strawberry flavor that's absolutely irresistible! Use our strawberry rock candy strings to decorate your gingerbread houses, cakes and more! You can also serve them up in glass dishes or other stylish containers.Use alone or combine with other rock candy strings to customize the color scheme for your event. Our rock candy strings also make a great go-to snack you can keep at home. Stow them in your pantry, desk drawer or wherever you might want to enjoy something sweet and fruity. Our bulk strawberry rock candy is an affordable treat that looks stunning at parties, events or right at home!

SKU: ND-DP1215

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