Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct

Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct
  • $89.99

Our candy workers have been busy mining the crystals that make up these amazing Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Sticks. And their work has paid off! These amazing dark blue rock candies are a beautiful scientific and culinary phenomenon that candy lovers around the world love to eat.Bring these beautiful, edible sugar crystals to a Fourth of July picnic for people to wave around like sparklers, sweeten lemonade with, or just eat as they are! You can also make any gift basket look all the more glamorous with several of these tucked inside. And don't forget, these amazing rock candy sticks are great for little kid birthday parties and special parties you want to add a memorable confection to. With 120 rock candy sticks per order, you'll have an entire mountain full of precious gems you can enjoy eating. Get your bag today and wow your family as well as your taste buds!

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