Bubble Gum Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct

  • $139.99

Wowza! This candy packs a blinding pink punch to the eyeballs and amazing sweet flavor for your taste buds to savor. These amazing Bubblegum Rock Candy Sticks are so beautiful with their bright pink crystals of sugar that you'll almost feel guilty eating them! We're sure you'll get over it though and quickly enjoy the rock hard crystals of sugar that will quickly melt in your mouth.If you have a family full of sweet lovers and people who just love pink, this candy will be a winner for you to bring home. Try these amazing rock candy sticks for a little girl's birthday party. Bring some of these home to decorate a candy basket for a friend. Add a few of these pops to the top of a cake for a sparkly and glamorous look. Even stir these into unsweetened drinks for a beautiful way to add some sugar. With this 120 count of bright pink rock candy sticks, you'll be able to do it all and more.

SKU: ND-26537

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