Grape Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct

  • $163.99

What kind of music did the pebble love to listen to? "Rock" and Roll! These Grape Rock Candy Sticks will rock your world because of their amazing crystalized sugar and bright, tasty purple color. In this 120 count bag of grape unwrapped rock candies, you'll find vibrant purple rock candy sticks full of sparkling crags of sugar for you to sink your teeth into!These glamorous rock candy pops make a lovely addition to any wedding, reception look great as Fourth of July candy because of their sparkling sugar, and can be wrapped up and given out at party favors for your child's birthday party. There's no end to the ways you can enjoy these treats and share them with your friends and family. We're sure that you'll find delight in every one of these amazing sugary crags as you let them melt away in your mouth.

SKU: ND-26532

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