Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct

Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks - Unwrapped 120ct
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What's sparkly, pink, and sugary all over? These amazing Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks, that's what! If you're a fan of sugar crystals, lollipops and red, then there's no way you won't fall in love with these rock candy sticks.Bring some home to put out on a table for the Fourth of July and celebrate your patriotism of an all-American color. Add some to a red themed gift basket for a delicious and beautiful treat. Even set some our around Christmas time for a burst of seasonal colors and reminder of springtime flavors to come. The choice if yours with how you'd like to enjoy these beautiful and delicious strawberry rock candy sticks.

Rock candy sticks like the swizzle sticks but much larger. They come individually wrapped and about: 6.5 inches long. 120 rock candy crystal sticks strawberry. All natural strawberry sugar candy on a stick great for wedding favors.

Stick Length: 6 1/2 inches

There are approximately 4 inches of rock candy on each stick.

Kosher/Circle U Pareve

SKU: C111455-MID-001757

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