Rock Candy Crystals - Lemon - 5lb

Rock Candy Crystals - Lemon - 5lb
  • $32.99

These Lemon Rock Candy Crystals are as bright as the sunshine and as flavorful as a fresh picked lemon! In a gorgeous hue of sunflower yellow, these Lemon Rock Candy Crystals come in individual pieces of sugary crags for your mouth to enjoy. Support our troops at a military themed event with an order of these bright yellow Lemon Rock Candy Crystals. They can be wrapped up individually in baggies to give out at a welcome table. They also can be used in an estimation jar for fund raising and prize giveaways. Whatever you do with these Lemon Rock Candy Crystals, you'll love sucking on the fruity and sweet flavor, crystal after crystal.

SKU: C112616

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